New York City’s First Lady Visit CUNY York College

Chirlane McCray First Lady of NYC giving an acceptance speech at CUNY York after receiving an award for her work on bringing awareness about mental health. Photo by Kojo Dente

First lady Chirlane McCray visited CUNY, York College to discuss mental health. In an initiative to bring awareness to an issue that effects thousands of New Yorker’s on March, 22, 2017 York College hosted a panel discussion called  “A Conversation with NYC first Lady” Chirlane McCray, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife. The panel discussion was moderated by New York Ones anchor women Cheryl Wills.

In an effort to bring awareness to mental health Chirlane McCray is introducing a program called ThriveNYC this program will change the city’s mental health programs. As stated by the New York Times writer Nikita Stewart “Over four Years, the city will spend $850 million on mental health”. Chirlene McCray touched on different topic involving mental health such as the stigma in African American and Latino communities with acknowledging mental health and also how to go about treating individuals with mental health.

When asked by Cheryl Wills about the results that stand out Ms McCray said “I think that the weekend of faith we did last year For our clergy members and congregation really stands out in my mind” Ms. McCray also said that” We didn’t know we would have so many participants we asked the Clergy members to put mental health at the top of the agenda to talk with their congregation about the signs and symptoms of mental health and encourage them to talk about it and take mental health first aid”. Ms. McCray also said “We thought we would get 3 or 4 hundred participants but we have 1000 houses of worship participants”.

When further being asked about ThriveNYC and how the regular public can become involved besides going to the weekend of faith Ms. McCray said “Take us up on the free class that we are offering with mental health first aid it’s free”. The ThriveNYC initiative is a great program that combats mental and brings awareness to it the impact this program will have New Yorkers and the confidentiality it provides will help New Yorkers and the people and families that mental disorders impacts daily.

Written by Kojo Dente

Trump Travel Ban

Alexandria age 18 who is a student at York college and also lives in  Cyrpess Hills Brooklyn reaction to the the Trump travel ban was the same as many other New Yorkers. Alexandria said “that the travel ban was unfair and unjust because you cannot blame a country for what ever is happening” The Travel ban itself is one of the harshest executive orders of its time and it singles out a group of people based on religious practices alone.

Reflection Post

The thing I ask myself when reflecting on this course is did I actually like blogging beforehand and I did not. I felt like blogging was a waste of time and I actually did not have any interest in it. To be honest I was not aware that this class would require me to blog a lot but to just build a web page. But thank god I did take this course because I think blogging is top five one of the most enjoyable things I like to do next to playing basketball, working out, going out and hanging out with my family. So it is high on the list of things that I actually like to do.

Let’s talk about CT 101, the assignments and blogging. When thinking about the assignments I did I became interested in the photo editing tools that you can use on your phone such as Glitché, Ultrapop, and GifVid just to name a few. Using these apps really changed my perspective on how photos could actually give your blogs or website for that matter more life. When I used some of the photos that I edited in my blog post I felt like my post had way more character than it did before instead of just having words there. I also think that the length of my blog post improved also from when I started. I think now I put way more thought into what I post and what I want to put onto my web page.

One of my favorite blog post, well I have a few let’s start off with my first post which was labeled “My First Gif” in which i did a Gif with B dot an NBA impersonator.

Waiting on Class to end like

My second was when I edited some photos of my cousins and myself with the Glitché app “Pushing my IPhone to the Limit”.


My third was when I edited a photo of a Greek photo to create a vapor wave which was a headache to do but I enjoyed the process.

Now let’s talk about my webpage at first I cannot lie I slacked a lot on starting up my webpage. I had a domain name but I did not know what that meant to me. Now I finally know what it means to me I have a space that I can be creative and post content for the world to see. I can put my thought on a site if my own and I don’t have to worry about adds or my website being shut down because of the content I put out not saying I would ever put up anything that would disrespect myself. But I have that freedom to if I wanted to. The direction I want to take for my website is to talk about social issue and put up my true thoughts on different issue. I am also going to go in the same direction I have my site organized where I talk about life issue, sports and entertainment. Over all I enjoyed working on my website and creating a webpage that reflected me and my personality. I enjoyed my time in Ct 101 and I would recommend other York students to take this course.

J Cole “4 Your Eyes Only” album review

This past weekend J Cole aka Jermaine Cole released his fourth studio album “4 your eyes only”. Before this release he broke the internet by dropping “False Prophets” which some say took shots at Kanye West but I think it’s deeper than that I believe he was talking about rap artist in general and people just immediately thought of Kanye West in those verses and “everybody dies” which he gives us two minutes and thirty seven seconds of just bars. But I digress Let’s talk about this highly intimate album “4 Your Eyes Only” with this album J Cole took use to the deepest part of his soul. I actually had a conversation with a friend about this album well a few friends who said it was boring and it isn’t the same as “Forest Hills Drives” but I do not agree with that. I think that this album has to be one of his best works yet it seems to be a reflection piece or a tribute to someone that was close to him who died at a young. This said person had a story to tell and J Cole told it for him because this person could not tell it him self. In a way he a rapping from someone else’s perspective but before I argue this let me show you the evidence in the tracks and give a brief description of who J Cole is from his lyrics alone. First from what we know of J Cole the artist and person he is a regular guy who lived in regular circumstances well regular for people of our skin tone and ethnic background but that’s another blog post for another time. Regular in a sense he came from a single parent household went to college and graduated and since then and in a sense from the wanted to rap and make money. He achieved that goal and then realized that life isn’t about that life is about making human connections and connecting with people on a mental and spiritual level and his music now reflects that. Overall this is an amazing album coming from the deepest parts of this mans soul and all should give it a listen


Have you ever road the train during rush hour and seen people push other people to get on the train its crazy it’s something that I don’t understand. I need a level of understand to why this happens let’s talk about this in this blog post not the pushing of people on the train but the push the rush that this city gives you. I think it’s just a New York City thing where people are always in a rush. In a rush to get to work, to get to school to get home and do nothing but watch their favorite show let’s get real. This city in itself is a push of the weak and soft hearted for those who are gentle and don’t have that killer instinct to survive but just want to be alive and live life. There is no living of life in this city just an existence of something called life. I watched a Facebook video one day it was of an old show from the anonymous Facebook page. The video went like this that we as the residents of the city are the prisoners and also the guards of this city we live in. Now let’s think about that people who were born in New York City always talk about leaving New York City but never do and are in a loop of wanting to leave but having ties that keeps them from leaving. It’s interesting because I suffer from that same syndrome myself. The interesting thing is the city forms a vortex and stops these people from leaving because of ties such as family, friends, significant others and in a sense you cannot leave. Until you are eventually pushed out due to how expensive it is to live in this city. But people will just tell you that you have to just get more money more money and that eventually just turns you into an animal eventually and you lose that sense of basic humanity and stop forming human connections and only value money. That’s its maybe it’s money that destroys all values but becomes the number one value. In that value we lose the sense to what’s right like giving people their space and using common sense to not push others to get on a train so you can go home and value your positions. But these are just the thoughts of a concerned citizen Aka the Akan Blogger.

Mr. West


Okay picture this I am on the train writing my next blog post heading towards the Museum of natural history and I am just jamming to some Kanye West. Then I must stop and think like this man is really in the hospital due to a mental break down like shit man. This man’s music is literally amazing even though it’s different at this point in his career but he is still producing some hits. It just makes you think what has this man been through mentally, physically and spiritually to force him to become hospitalized. It’s tragic in my opinion just listening to the life of Pablo his latest album it’s filled with some hits such as “Famous” which gives you an old-school beat sped up and with Rihanna signing the hook you can catch a vibe from this song especially towards the end. Then we have Real friends which gives you an in depth look of what this artist is going through with family, friends and business associates. Then we have “Ultralight Beams” which gives us a real church vibe and then breaks it back with some dope rap lyrics. We can’t forget “Fade” now fade is something special he isn’t saying much but the beats and the rhythm of the beats makes you want to get up and dance. Last and not least we have “Saint Pablo” now this would be the magna opus of this album by telling his truths on this track and letting it all go how many people can say they could do that on a track. I mean this isn’t a sympathy post for the man but just a post to show this man’s work and before the main streams media tried to crucify him just imagine what he is going threw to be great.

Dating in NYC


The experience of dating in NYC is what you can call the beast or meat grinder. I do not like to compare people, situations or things in an animalistic term but that literally what it is. The confusion that you face of finding a potential mate is a headache. It may sound like I am ranting but trust me I am not. What are the rules to dating someone where do you find them what is an exceptional time to move forward from just dating or talking to some real shit excuse my French.

First let’s talk about the club let me stress this meeting people at the club is a no no. Let me explain most of the time you are drunk having fun with your friends and just having a good time correct so what are you looking for when you are there a good time so any male or female you met there will eventually be a good time so why would you date them. Second let’s touch on dating someone one at work that’s another no no. Why would you shit where you eat I do not get that and I never got that. Why complicate where you provide for yourself with dating or creating a relationship that type of drama personally I would stay away from it personally it is unhealthy to say the least.

Third now dating or talking to someone at school I would say it’s safe because at least you know you both are striving towards the same goals and there is ambition there. That’s okay you get to see how that person is in a relaxed and chill environment so pursuing that relationship is okay in my opinion.

Fourth dating someone in your religious sect is okay also you both have the same types of beliefs and values. So why would you not want to pursue that situation I say go for it could potentially blossom into something real and long lasting but I would also say do not exclude yourself from others because dating people outside your race, religion and ethnic background could potentially build bridges and bring people together so I would say go for that also. But this is just the thoughts of a confused human being so this could help or it won’t who knows please comment at the bottom happy cuffing season.

Slowly coming back


Knicks point guard Derrick Rose has been through the proverbial up and downs of the NBA. After his MVP season in the 2010-2011 season Rose  has suffered from injury after injury and has been working his way back to full form sense then. The most recent development in Rose’s career has been the trade between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks which sent Rose to the big apple. Sense this trade Rose has not only battle through physical issue but legal ones also. Luckily for Rose all has been settled and it is back to basketball. In last nights game against the Oklahoma City thunder Rose had a spectacular performance with putting up his first 30pt game as a Knick grabbing 7 rebounds and dishing out 4 assist. This is the game Knick fans have been waiting on to see the old Derrick Rose take over a game and lead his team like he did in Chicago. The Knicks subsequently lost the game but this performance is a plus to a long NBA season ahead him and I think everyone wants to see Rose shine like before. Here is a video of Roses’s performance against the Thunder.

DS 106 assignment I would like to learn “Period Piece Mashup”

The DS106 assignment that i would like to learn is the period pieace mashup. The reason for this is because the concept seems to be interesting. To take two different movies of two different time periods and create something new is an innervating assignment and forces you to be creative.   27442498160_b1f973b490_z

Here is a picture of the tool that the creator of this assignment used. Abigail O used the media editing tool I movie to cut and edit the movie and merge the two files together. So that is what i would have to use to do the same thing a movie editing application to edit the movie to how I feet. The assignment seems simple enough the only thing that you would need is time to get the kind of final cut you want.

Here is the link to the assignment if you are also interesting in doing it

Creating a Game Of Thrones House DS106 Assignment Bank


OK so this assignment was somewhat of a headache because i could not figure out how to create the image itself. But let me first start off by saying that I love Game Of Thrones and this show is by far my favorite show to watch on television hands down a 10 out of 10. The concept of creating my own house was dope to me. That is the reason why this assignment caught my attention. So the process to create my house began there, but let me also add that I have a family house that has been establish already so that part was easy.

Let me first start off why this was a headache. The headache itself came from creating the image of my family house. I could not decide if I wanted to use Photoshop to have a custom image, or the website they suggested in the tutorial but the website did not have any African emblems so that was a no go. I tried Photoshop but Photoshop proved to be a little bit to complicated for such a simple task. Then my cousin suggested to use a Photo editing website called Fotor which proved to be simple enough to use and gave me what I wanted which was simplicity.

Now let me explain my house house Dente. Dente is my last name which is a Ghanaian last name. The symbol is a Adinkra symbol which is also a Ghanaian symbol the symbol means “Supremacy Of God”. The meaning of the Symbol is also my house motto Supremacy Of God which can be interpreted as God First so you can see I thought a lot about this and I kept it cultural. In summing this project up at the end of the day I loved doing it and taking the time out to really think about what I was creating.