Reflection Post

The thing I ask myself when reflecting on this course is did I actually like blogging beforehand and I did not. I felt like blogging was a waste of time and I actually did not have any interest in it. To be honest I was not aware that this class would require me to blog a lot but to just build a web page. But thank god I did take this course because I think blogging is top five one of the most enjoyable things I like to do next to playing basketball, working out, going out and hanging out with my family. So it is high on the list of things that I actually like to do.

Let’s talk about CT 101, the assignments and blogging. When thinking about the assignments I did I became interested in the photo editing tools that you can use on your phone such as Glitché, Ultrapop, and GifVid just to name a few. Using these apps really changed my perspective on how photos could actually give your blogs or website for that matter more life. When I used some of the photos that I edited in my blog post I felt like my post had way more character than it did before instead of just having words there. I also think that the length of my blog post improved also from when I started. I think now I put way more thought into what I post and what I want to put onto my web page.

One of my favorite blog post, well I have a few let’s start off with my first post which was labeled “My First Gif” in which i did a Gif with B dot an NBA impersonator.

Waiting on Class to end like

My second was when I edited some photos of my cousins and myself with the Glitché app “Pushing my IPhone to the Limit”.


My third was when I edited a photo of a Greek photo to create a vapor wave which was a headache to do but I enjoyed the process.

Now let’s talk about my webpage at first I cannot lie I slacked a lot on starting up my webpage. I had a domain name but I did not know what that meant to me. Now I finally know what it means to me I have a space that I can be creative and post content for the world to see. I can put my thought on a site if my own and I don’t have to worry about adds or my website being shut down because of the content I put out not saying I would ever put up anything that would disrespect myself. But I have that freedom to if I wanted to. The direction I want to take for my website is to talk about social issue and put up my true thoughts on different issue. I am also going to go in the same direction I have my site organized where I talk about life issue, sports and entertainment. Over all I enjoyed working on my website and creating a webpage that reflected me and my personality. I enjoyed my time in Ct 101 and I would recommend other York students to take this course.

DS 106 assignment I would like to learn “Period Piece Mashup”

The DS106 assignment that i would like to learn is the period pieace mashup. The reason for this is because the concept seems to be interesting. To take two different movies of two different time periods and create something new is an innervating assignment and forces you to be creative.   27442498160_b1f973b490_z

Here is a picture of the tool that the creator of this assignment used. Abigail O used the media editing tool I movie to cut and edit the movie and merge the two files together. So that is what i would have to use to do the same thing a movie editing application to edit the movie to how I feet. The assignment seems simple enough the only thing that you would need is time to get the kind of final cut you want.

Here is the link to the assignment if you are also interesting in doing it

Creating a Game Of Thrones House DS106 Assignment Bank


OK so this assignment was somewhat of a headache because i could not figure out how to create the image itself. But let me first start off by saying that I love Game Of Thrones and this show is by far my favorite show to watch on television hands down a 10 out of 10. The concept of creating my own house was dope to me. That is the reason why this assignment caught my attention. So the process to create my house began there, but let me also add that I have a family house that has been establish already so that part was easy.

Let me first start off why this was a headache. The headache itself came from creating the image of my family house. I could not decide if I wanted to use Photoshop to have a custom image, or the website they suggested in the tutorial but the website did not have any African emblems so that was a no go. I tried Photoshop but Photoshop proved to be a little bit to complicated for such a simple task. Then my cousin suggested to use a Photo editing website called Fotor which proved to be simple enough to use and gave me what I wanted which was simplicity.

Now let me explain my house house Dente. Dente is my last name which is a Ghanaian last name. The symbol is a Adinkra symbol which is also a Ghanaian symbol the symbol means “Supremacy Of God”. The meaning of the Symbol is also my house motto Supremacy Of God which can be interpreted as God First so you can see I thought a lot about this and I kept it cultural. In summing this project up at the end of the day I loved doing it and taking the time out to really think about what I was creating.


Making Me Happy


This is my second GIF that i have created it features one of my favorite players to watch in todays NBA CJ McCollum. This makes me happy because i love watching this man work and that step back of his is deadly and effective. Creating GIFS are becoming easier and less complicated for me personally. The more you work on the media content the easier it becomes in ah sense. I look forward to creating different GIFS of different things that i like such as movies, shows, people and etc.

My first Gif

Waiting on Class to end like

The reason why I chose this gif is because i usually watch Brandon Armstrong also known as Bdot Be like videos. Brandon Videos are usually hilarious to me all the time because he impersonates NBA players or moments in the game of basketball which hence the name of his videos Be like. So I created this post to express my sentiment for some classes that usually can not stand . It was a interesting experience learning ho to create a Gif and how funny they actually can be.

Vapor waves

My experience with creating a vapor wave was interesting to say the least.

I wanted to turn this classical greek statue as shown below into a distorted image then change the color of the picture to create a vapor wave.

I kind of stuck to the tutorial with this project because i wanted to get it right.


Above is a Greek statue that I used a low polygon generator on and it came out like this.img_3972

Then I used the Ultrapop app to change the color of the picture that i used into various different colors as displayed below.


After creating each separate image I used the Gifmaker app to loop all of these photos together and created one looping image and these are my results.


Overall the project was pretty much straight forward and relatively easy and I enjoyed experimenting with the different colors I could generate from that one photo using the Ultrapop app.

I believe this is project will enhance my photo editing skills with my blog site and give my readers different images to look at.

No copy no problem



In this blog I am going to reflect upon the suspensions of SBNation and Deadspins twitter account for violating copyright laws by putting up NFL Gifs and highlights on their twitter feed. First that I might add I did not think that ether news outlets violating any type of copy right laws. From watching the video a “fair use tale” it helped me somewhat understand copyright laws and policies and the law of fair use. Fair use as defined by “is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances”. SBNation and Deadspin under those terms used the Gifs legally and did not alter there original form. One of two point from this issue bothered me the first one is the use of Gifs. As a lover of sports and a up and coming sports blogger Gifs of different athletes, or plays and teams help give you piece a certain pop to it and gets the readers interested. The fact that SBNation Gifs where suspended by twitter because of take down notices from the NFL bothered me because they where in the realm of Fair use. The second is that twitter is not owning up to violating SBnation and Deadspins rights by shutting down those accounts and not openly giving reasons to why they did and blaming the NFL.

Now I would like to talk about why individuals using different copy righted materials is better for the net.


Above is a picture of Naruto and Sasuke this image is ether a dan made image or a enhanced version of the original. It also falls under the fair use clause because they did not alter the original image. The use of different copy righted materials is a form of media and marketing. The reason why I say this is because you can look at a Gif or a video or a picture like the one above and say hey I wonder where that is from, or man did you see that meme about that such and such actor, or did you see the highlights of the game on SBNation, or that is a dope picture such as the one above I wonder what show that picture is from. Such tools help people find different materials that might interest them and brings in more traffic to the show, sport and or person. NFL don’t be petty and send take down notices to SBnation and Deadspin let them live and give you free publicity.

Pushing my IPhone to its limits

Okay so today I experimented with the different photo manipulation apps for my IPhone 6 to create different and unique Giffs and still frame pictures. I found out that I actually love working with these different applications.

The picture I decided to play with was of my and my cousins and of our community organization called ASAFO and we had a impormto photoshoot when we all had our sweaters. The Giff is actually five photos merged into one and playing on different loops. That was easy to figure out how to do and I did that using Gif maker.

Then I took that same Giff and inverted it to create something a little different which came out to look great in my opinion. The app that I used was Glichè and it’s a awesome app because you can take pictures and videos and alter them and create something unique.


Then I took the same photo and glitched it using the same app glichè which may I add again is an amazing app to use to customize pictures.

Then the finally experiment I tried was making that gliched picture into a Giff using the GirVid app.Which is an app that you use to convert photo Gifs into video gifs and it’s a very useful app i paid a dollar for it and it’s worth the money. After I did that I created this master piece that I absolutely love. Some of the problems that I had when doing this was finding that right apps. Honestly I did not want to pay for the any of the applications that I used to make these  photos. Going through trial and error I realized that I should just pay the money and live with the results and I am satisfied. Also I realized that the longer the video the app does not let you save it so the videos have to be 10 seconds or less just a added side note