Slowly coming back


Knicks point guard Derrick Rose has been through the proverbial up and downs of the NBA. After his MVP season in the 2010-2011 season Rose ┬áhas suffered from injury after injury and has been working his way back to full form sense then. The most recent development in Rose’s career has been the trade between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks which sent Rose to the big apple. Sense this trade Rose has not only battle through physical issue but legal ones also. Luckily for Rose all has been settled and it is back to basketball. In last nights game against the Oklahoma City thunder Rose had a spectacular performance with putting up his first 30pt game as a Knick grabbing 7 rebounds and dishing out 4 assist. This is the game Knick fans have been waiting on to see the old Derrick Rose take over a game and lead his team like he did in Chicago. The Knicks subsequently lost the game but this performance is a plus to a long NBA season ahead him and I think everyone wants to see Rose shine like before. Here is a video of Roses’s performance against the Thunder.

So much Love


So Much so much love From Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavilers. I worn you this is not a drill this man was literally on fire from the field and could not miss. Please someone lower his 2k ratings because this isn’t fair. All star forward Kevin showed why he was the number one option in his Minnesota days by dropping 34 points in the first quarter against the Portland Trial blazers.


Going 8-10 from three and shooting 11-14 from the field. Loves performance was just amazing hitting fade away jumpers setting pick and pops and simply draining his shots Love could do no wrong he was on fire. Leading the Cavs to a 81 point lead by the half over the Trail Blazers and finishing the game with 40 points.


Here is a video from twitter of K Loves performance.


Russell Westbrook


Today we are going to recognize the beast that is Russell Westbrook. With Kevin Durant gone one of the top 3 best players in the NBA Westbrook has put OKC on his back and is willing his team to some impressive wins. With an 8-6 start the Oklahoma City Thunder are ranked 6 in the tough western conference. So far this season Westbrook is averaging 31.6 point per game 9.7 rebounds per game and has tallied 146 assists. May I also add that Westbrook is averaging 5 blocks per game. This is why I call Russell Westbrook a beast he is almost averaging a triple double every time he steps onto the hardwood which has not been done since the 1961-62 season when Oscar Robertson’s averaged 30.8 PPG, 12.5 RPG, and 11.4 APG. In Oklahoma City’s last game against the Indiana Pacers which resulted into a 111-115 lose for OKC in O/T. Russell Westbrook scored 31 points dished out 15 assists and grabbed 11 boards. Westbrook is literally a triple double waiting to happen here is a video of his performance.

Westbrook has proven to be one of the NBA’s top performers this season people may say that he won’t be able to keep up the pace that he is playing for the remainder of the season but I think he is going to prove the haters wrong and will his team to a top seed in the playoffs.