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In this blog I am going to reflect upon the suspensions of SBNation and Deadspins twitter account for violating copyright laws by putting up NFL Gifs and highlights on their twitter feed. First that I might add I did not think that ether news outlets violating any type of copy right laws. From watching the video a “fair use tale” it helped me somewhat understand copyright laws and policies and the law of fair use. Fair use as defined by ¬† “is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances”. SBNation and Deadspin under those terms used the Gifs legally and did not alter there original form. One of two point from this issue bothered me the first one is the use of Gifs. As a lover of sports and a up and coming sports blogger Gifs of different athletes, or plays and teams help give you piece a certain pop to it and gets the readers interested. The fact that SBNation Gifs where suspended by twitter because of take down notices from the NFL bothered me because they where in the realm of Fair use. The second is that twitter is not owning up to violating SBnation and Deadspins rights by shutting down those accounts and not openly giving reasons to why they did and blaming the NFL.

Now I would like to talk about why individuals using different copy righted materials is better for the net.


Above is a picture of Naruto and Sasuke this image is ether a dan made image or a enhanced version¬†of the original. It also falls under the fair use clause because they did not alter the original image. The use of different copy righted materials is a form of media and marketing. The reason why I say this is because you can look at a Gif or a video or a picture like the one above and say hey I wonder where that is from, or man did you see that meme about that such and such actor, or did you see the highlights of the game on SBNation, or that is a dope picture such as the one above I wonder what show that picture is from. Such tools help people find different materials that might interest them and brings in more traffic to the show, sport and or person. NFL don’t be petty and send take down notices to SBnation and Deadspin let them live and give you free publicity.

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