Pushing my IPhone to its limits

Okay so today I experimented with the different photo manipulation apps for my IPhone 6 to create different and unique Giffs and still frame pictures. I found out that I actually love working with these different applications.

The picture I decided to play with was of my and my cousins and of our community organization called ASAFO and we had a impormto photoshoot when we all had our sweaters. The Giff is actually five photos merged into one and playing on different loops. That was easy to figure out how to do and I did that using Gif maker.

Then I took that same Giff and inverted it to create something a little different which came out to look great in my opinion. The app that I used was Glichè and it’s a awesome app because you can take pictures and videos and alter them and create something unique.


Then I took the same photo and glitched it using the same app glichè which may I add again is an amazing app to use to customize pictures.

Then the finally experiment I tried was making that gliched picture into a Giff using the GirVid app.Which is an app that you use to convert photo Gifs into video gifs and it’s a very useful app i paid a dollar for it and it’s worth the money. After I did that I created this master piece that I absolutely love. Some of the problems that I had when doing this was finding that right apps. Honestly I did not want to pay for the any of the applications that I used to make these  photos. Going through trial and error I realized that I should just pay the money and live with the results and I am satisfied. Also I realized that the longer the video the app does not let you save it so the videos have to be 10 seconds or less just a added side note

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