Reflection Post

The thing I ask myself when reflecting on this course is did I actually like blogging beforehand and I did not. I felt like blogging was a waste of time and I actually did not have any interest in it. To be honest I was not aware that this class would require me to blog a lot but to just build a web page. But thank god I did take this course because I think blogging is top five one of the most enjoyable things I like to do next to playing basketball, working out, going out and hanging out with my family. So it is high on the list of things that I actually like to do.

Let’s talk about CT 101, the assignments and blogging. When thinking about the assignments I did I became interested in the photo editing tools that you can use on your phone such as Glitché, Ultrapop, and GifVid just to name a few. Using these apps really changed my perspective on how photos could actually give your blogs or website for that matter more life. When I used some of the photos that I edited in my blog post I felt like my post had way more character than it did before instead of just having words there. I also think that the length of my blog post improved also from when I started. I think now I put way more thought into what I post and what I want to put onto my web page.

One of my favorite blog post, well I have a few let’s start off with my first post which was labeled “My First Gif” in which i did a Gif with B dot an NBA impersonator.

Waiting on Class to end like

My second was when I edited some photos of my cousins and myself with the Glitché app “Pushing my IPhone to the Limit”.


My third was when I edited a photo of a Greek photo to create a vapor wave which was a headache to do but I enjoyed the process.

Now let’s talk about my webpage at first I cannot lie I slacked a lot on starting up my webpage. I had a domain name but I did not know what that meant to me. Now I finally know what it means to me I have a space that I can be creative and post content for the world to see. I can put my thought on a site if my own and I don’t have to worry about adds or my website being shut down because of the content I put out not saying I would ever put up anything that would disrespect myself. But I have that freedom to if I wanted to. The direction I want to take for my website is to talk about social issue and put up my true thoughts on different issue. I am also going to go in the same direction I have my site organized where I talk about life issue, sports and entertainment. Over all I enjoyed working on my website and creating a webpage that reflected me and my personality. I enjoyed my time in Ct 101 and I would recommend other York students to take this course.

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