Vapor waves

My experience with creating a vapor wave was interesting to say the least.

I wanted to turn this classical greek statue as shown below into a distorted image then change the color of the picture to create a vapor wave.

I kind of stuck to the tutorial with this project because i wanted to get it right.


Above is a Greek statue that I used a low polygon generator on and it came out like this.img_3972

Then I used the Ultrapop app to change the color of the picture that i used into various different colors as displayed below.


After creating each separate image I used the Gifmaker app to loop all of these photos together and created one looping image and these are my results.


Overall the project was pretty much straight forward and relatively easy and I enjoyed experimenting with the different colors I could generate from that one photo using the Ultrapop app.

I believe this is project will enhance my photo editing skills with my blog site and give my readers different images to look at.

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