New York City’s First Lady Visit CUNY York College

Chirlane McCray First Lady of NYC giving an acceptance speech at CUNY York after receiving an award for her work on bringing awareness about mental health. Photo by Kojo Dente

First lady Chirlane McCray visited CUNY, York College to discuss mental health. In an initiative to bring awareness to an issue that effects thousands of New Yorker’s on March, 22, 2017 York College hosted a panel discussion called  “A Conversation with NYC first Lady” Chirlane McCray, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife. The panel discussion was moderated by New York Ones anchor women Cheryl Wills.

In an effort to bring awareness to mental health Chirlane McCray is introducing a program called ThriveNYC this program will change the city’s mental health programs. As stated by the New York Times writer Nikita Stewart “Over four Years, the city will spend $850 million on mental health”. Chirlene McCray touched on different topic involving mental health such as the stigma in African American and Latino communities with acknowledging mental health and also how to go about treating individuals with mental health.

When asked by Cheryl Wills about the results that stand out Ms McCray said “I think that the weekend of faith we did last year For our clergy members and congregation really stands out in my mind” Ms. McCray also said that” We didn’t know we would have so many participants we asked the Clergy members to put mental health at the top of the agenda to talk with their congregation about the signs and symptoms of mental health and encourage them to talk about it and take mental health first aid”. Ms. McCray also said “We thought we would get 3 or 4 hundred participants but we have 1000 houses of worship participants”.

When further being asked about ThriveNYC and how the regular public can become involved besides going to the weekend of faith Ms. McCray said “Take us up on the free class that we are offering with mental health first aid it’s free”. The ThriveNYC initiative is a great program that combats mental and brings awareness to it the impact this program will have New Yorkers and the confidentiality it provides will help New Yorkers and the people and families that mental disorders impacts daily.

Written by Kojo Dente

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