J Cole “4 Your Eyes Only” album review

This past weekend J Cole aka Jermaine Cole released his fourth studio album “4 your eyes only”. Before this release he broke the internet by dropping “False Prophets” which some say took shots at Kanye West but I think it’s deeper than that I believe he was talking about rap artist in general and people just immediately thought of Kanye West in those verses and “everybody dies” which he gives us two minutes and thirty seven seconds of just bars. But I digress Let’s talk about this highly intimate album “4 Your Eyes Only” with this album J Cole took use to the deepest part of his soul. I actually had a conversation with a friend about this album well a few friends who said it was boring and it isn’t the same as “Forest Hills Drives” but I do not agree with that. I think that this album has to be one of his best works yet it seems to be a reflection piece or a tribute to someone that was close to him who died at a young. This said person had a story to tell and J Cole told it for him because this person could not tell it him self. In a way he a rapping from someone else’s perspective but before I argue this let me show you the evidence in the tracks and give a brief description of who J Cole is from his lyrics alone. First from what we know of J Cole the artist and person he is a regular guy who lived in regular circumstances well regular for people of our skin tone and ethnic background but that’s another blog post for another time. Regular in a sense he came from a single parent household went to college and graduated and since then and in a sense from the wanted to rap and make money. He achieved that goal and then realized that life isn’t about that life is about making human connections and connecting with people on a mental and spiritual level and his music now reflects that. Overall this is an amazing album coming from the deepest parts of this mans soul and all should give it a listen

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