Mr. West


Okay picture this I am on the train writing my next blog post heading towards the Museum of natural history and I am just jamming to some Kanye West. Then I must stop and think like this man is really in the hospital due to a mental break down like shit man. This man’s music is literally amazing even though it’s different at this point in his career but he is still producing some hits. It just makes you think what has this man been through mentally, physically and spiritually to force him to become hospitalized. It’s tragic in my opinion just listening to the life of Pablo his latest album it’s filled with some hits such as “Famous” which gives you an old-school beat sped up and with Rihanna signing the hook you can catch a vibe from this song especially towards the end. Then we have Real friends which gives you an in depth look of what this artist is going through with family, friends and business associates. Then we have “Ultralight Beams” which gives us a real church vibe and then breaks it back with some dope rap lyrics. We can’t forget “Fade” now fade is something special he isn’t saying much but the beats and the rhythm of the beats makes you want to get up and dance. Last and not least we have “Saint Pablo” now this would be the magna opus of this album by telling his truths on this track and letting it all go how many people can say they could do that on a track. I mean this isn’t a sympathy post for the man but just a post to show this man’s work and before the main streams media tried to crucify him just imagine what he is going threw to be great.

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