Choosing a Domain Name/ My name is my name


The domain name that I chose was my name. The reason why I chose this is because my name is unique and I knew no one else would have that name. Basically a custom name for a custom site. How plan to use my site is just for a open space for myself to write and talk about anything that comes to my mind. The title of my blog is life, sports, entertainment and current events blog. I could not decide on what to pic becaus I am interested in all of those concepts and outlets of writing on. I will separate those different concepts into separate pages and post about each on different days. I will also keep on working on my CT 101 assignments and work on my photo editing skills. My long term goal for this site is to use it as a base to help me create my own web magazine or online news outlet if I become proficient in this then creating moving forward with my long terms goals should not be a problem.



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