Dating in NYC


The experience of dating in NYC is what you can call the beast or meat grinder. I do not like to compare people, situations or things in an animalistic term but that literally what it is. The confusion that you face of finding a potential mate is a headache. It may sound like I am ranting but trust me I am not. What are the rules to dating someone where do you find them what is an exceptional time to move forward from just dating or talking to some real shit excuse my French.

First let’s talk about the club let me stress this meeting people at the club is a no no. Let me explain most of the time you are drunk having fun with your friends and just having a good time correct so what are you looking for when you are there a good time so any male or female you met there will eventually be a good time so why would you date them. Second let’s touch on dating someone one at work that’s another no no. Why would you shit where you eat I do not get that and I never got that. Why complicate where you provide for yourself with dating or creating a relationship that type of drama personally I would stay away from it personally it is unhealthy to say the least.

Third now dating or talking to someone at school I would say it’s safe because at least you know you both are striving towards the same goals and there is ambition there. That’s okay you get to see how that person is in a relaxed and chill environment so pursuing that relationship is okay in my opinion.

Fourth dating someone in your religious sect is okay also you both have the same types of beliefs and values. So why would you not want to pursue that situation I say go for it could potentially blossom into something real and long lasting but I would also say do not exclude yourself from others because dating people outside your race, religion and ethnic background could potentially build bridges and bring people together so I would say go for that also. But this is just the thoughts of a confused human being so this could help or it won’t who knows please comment at the bottom happy cuffing season.

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