Have you ever road the train during rush hour and seen people push other people to get on the train its crazy it’s something that I don’t understand. I need a level of understand to why this happens let’s talk about this in this blog post not the pushing of people on the train but the push the rush that this city gives you. I think it’s just a New York City thing where people are always in a rush. In a rush to get to work, to get to school to get home and do nothing but watch their favorite show let’s get real. This city in itself is a push of the weak and soft hearted for those who are gentle and don’t have that killer instinct to survive but just want to be alive and live life. There is no living of life in this city just an existence of something called life. I watched a Facebook video one day it was of an old show from the anonymous Facebook page. The video went like this that we as the residents of the city are the prisoners and also the guards of this city we live in. Now let’s think about that people who were born in New York City always talk about leaving New York City but never do and are in a loop of wanting to leave but having ties that keeps them from leaving. It’s interesting because I suffer from that same syndrome myself. The interesting thing is the city forms a vortex and stops these people from leaving because of ties such as family, friends, significant others and in a sense you cannot leave. Until you are eventually pushed out due to how expensive it is to live in this city. But people will just tell you that you have to just get more money more money and that eventually just turns you into an animal eventually and you lose that sense of basic humanity and stop forming human connections and only value money. That’s its maybe it’s money that destroys all values but becomes the number one value. In that value we lose the sense to what’s right like giving people their space and using common sense to not push others to get on a train so you can go home and value your positions. But these are just the thoughts of a concerned citizen Aka the Akan Blogger.

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